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Triumphant Year One: The Preventive Measures Foundation Breaks Ground and Shatters Stigmas in Mental Health Advocacy!

Updated: Jan 23

Blazing through its first transformative year, The Preventive Measures Foundation (TPMF) celebrates a host of impactful achievements that are reshaping the mental health landscape in the communities it serves. Their dedication to championing the cause of those affected by mental illness and dispelling related stigma has led to substantial progress in a short time. On this special occasion, Chairman Dwayne L. Jones commented, "The foundation's successes this past year are truly commendable. Yet, this is just the beginning, and the potential for further impactful change in the coming years is immense."

The PM Foundation was established in September 2022, with an official ribbon cutting at its offices in Allentown, PA in January 2023. Since that time, the Foundation has:

· Secured over $450,000 in grants and donations, highlighting a shared vision for mental health as a priority.

· Awarded $45,000 in scholarships and paid internships through the PM Legacy Scholarship Program, benefiting 30 students in the field of Human Services

· Raised $45,000 through the A Million Steps to Mental Health Awareness Walk and awarded $5,000 gifts to 9 non-profit organizations serving the community across PA, DC, and GA.

· Successfully launched a $500K+ Preventive Measures Foundation CSW (Community Service Worker) Programs aiding individuals in recovery and connection to vital services, elevating mental health awareness and community outreach; the first program of its kind in Pennsylvania.

· Presented a $40,000 gift to Northampton Community College for the constructions of “PM Zen Zones” on their three campuses. Zen Zones will provide a restful place for students and staff to take a mental health break and connect with helpful tools and resources.

· Hosted a Reentry Simulation in partnership with the U.S. Attorney’s office to raise awareness around the plight of individuals returning home from incarceration.

· Spearheaded a fundraising campaign to develop future African American providers through scholarships to help close the mental health gap in the African American community.

Paula Gonzalez, Executive Coordinator, expressed, "The collective effort and commitment of every individual involved has been heartwarming. The shared goal remains – advancing a world where mental health care is not just accessible but also devoid of any prejudice."

The Preventive Measures Foundation was established as the philanthropic arm of Preventive Measures Inc., a mental health and home health provider with offices in PA, DC, GA, and NJ. The Foundation was developed to scale the Preventive Measures mission to meet people where they are while magnifying their positive community impact. As TPMF gears up for another year, they remain committed to evolving and building upon their accomplishments, striving towards a more inclusive future. The gratitude towards their supporters, who have transformed this vision into reality, is boundless. For more information about the foundation and how to get involved, visit or email


The Preventive Measures Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization formed in September 2022 as the philanthropic extension of Preventive

Measures, a trusted provider of mental health and supportive services for more than 13 years. Commonly known as The PM Foundation (TPMF), it serves as a platform to improve the mental health of individuals and communities through education, investment, and support. By supporting non-profit organizations dedicated to mental wellbeing, and wraparound services, The PM Foundation plays a vital role in addressing mental health challenges, promoting awareness, and ensuring that individuals have access to resources they need to live fulfilling lives. For more information visit


Founded in 2008, Preventive Measures, Inc. is an out-patient mental & home health provider focused on improving the quality of life for thousands of individuals through Wellness Centers in Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, Georgia, and New Jersey (Fall 2023), and a Home Health Care division in Pennsylvania. With its multidimensional structure, Preventive Measures, Inc. leads with a proactive approach to holistic health with PM NOW, a comprehensive mobile application providing tools and access to promote wellness, Senoj Technology, bridging the gap between healthcare and technology solutions and the PM Foundation, dedicated to philanthropic efforts, community fundraising, and collaborative alliances. For more information visit



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