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MHA Walk Flyer - PA COMBINED ESP. (Presentation (169)).png
MHA Walk Flyer - PA COMBINED ESP..png

Walking to Promote Awareness

We are committed to eliminating barriers to mental health and eliminating the stigmas that keep so many from seeking help. Join us for the A Million Steps to Mental Health Awareness Walk. Our goal this year is to raise $50,000 to support 10 worthy community organizations. 

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Fireside Chats

One of The PM Foundation's "Big Ideas" is the idea that, "I Am You, and You Are Me." This concept evolved after Dwayne Jones, Chairman for The PM Foundation, spoke to a group of kids at Harrison Morton Middle School, the same school Mr. Jones attended as a youth. His message to the kids was this simple: "I am YOU, YOU are ME," meaning, at one point, he was the one sitting in their seat, wondering what he might make of his life. He encouraged each child to understand that just as he has been successful in many ways, they too have the opportunity to do so. He urged them to see themselves in him, just as he saw himself in them. In 2023, The PM Foundation will host a series of Fireside Chats, which will include a full presentation of "I Am You, and You Are Me."

Watch Dwayne Jones at Harrison Morton

Graduating Students

PM Legacy Scholarship

We are committed to higher education and empowering the next generation of professionals within the field of Human Services.

We Need Your Support Today!

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