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About Us

The PM Foundation will be intentional about identifying multiple channels that lend to the improvement of individual mental health including but not limited to services, support, education, and ultimately the information needed to live an abundant life and improve family, and community dynamics.

Our Vision

The PM Foundation seeks to improve the mental health of individuals so they can live life to their full potential. TPMF looks to meet these needs at an individual, community, and global level. 

PM Foundation's philanthropic strategies will provide the resources for the aforementioned to be realized.

Our Leadership & Team

Dwayne L_edited.jpg

Dwayne L. Jones


Paula Gonzalez

Executive Clinical Director 


Dr. Hasshan Batts

Consultant to the Board 


Executive Assistant 

Robin McCrear

Darius Formal 4x4.jpg

Darius I. Jones

Vice Chairman

Devon Jones 4x4.jpg

Devon L. Jones


Board Of Directors

Robin McCrear, Secretary

A. Scott Bolden, Esq. - Member

J.R. Clark, Esq. - Member

Fred Rooney, Esq. - Member

  • Mental Health

  • Physical Health

  • Holistic Health

  • Consulting

  • Nutritional

  • Spiritual

  • Financial

  • Housing

  • Clothing

  • Technology

  • Food

  • Scholarship

  • Awareness

  • Mentorship

  • Seminars

We Need Your Support Today!

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