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The Preventive Measures Foundation Inc. is committed to supporting community organizations that share our mission to promote mental well-being and preventive health measures. Through our Community Organization Grant program, we provide financial assistance to organizations working to improve the mental well-being of people in need within our community. 

Grant Submissions:

The Preventive Measures Foundation community grant submissions begin January 1st and will close May 31st. 2024

Grant Awarded:

The Preventive Measures Foundation community grants will be announced on July 15th, 2024


To be eligible for a Community Organization Grant from The Preventive Measures Foundation Inc., organizations must meet the following criteria: 

Nonprofit Status: Applicants must be registered as a nonprofit organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code or be a fiscal sponsor for an eligible project. 

For-profits: Applicants must be providing services at no cost to the client/consumer. 

Geographic Focus: Grants will be given to organizations serving communities in PA, DC, and GA. 

Mission Alignment: The proposed project must align with the mission and goals of The Preventive Measures Foundation Inc., with a focus on improving mental well-being. 


Grant Focus Areas 

We welcome grant applications from community organizations that address the following focus areas: 

Wellness Services: Projects and programs that improve mental health, provide education, and other resources to underserved populations. 

Preventive Services: Initiatives that focus on improved wellbeing, including but not limited to wellness education, healthy lifestyle promotion, and early intervention programs. 


Grant Amount 

The Preventive Measures Foundation Inc. offers grants of up to $5,000 per project. Grant amounts will be determined based on the scope of the project and available funding. 


Application Process 

To apply for a Community Organization Grant, eligible organizations must complete the following steps: 

Full Grant Application: Complete the grant application form provided by The Preventive Measures Foundation Inc. The application should include all required documents, as outlined in the application guidelines. 

Review Process: Grant applications will be reviewed by our Grant Review Committee, who will evaluate each proposal based on our criteria and priorities. 

Notification: Applicants will be notified of the grant decision by July 15th, 2024 


Reporting and Accountability  

Grant recipients may be required to provide progress reports and financial updates as outlined in the grant agreement they will receive if awarded a grant. The Preventive Measures Foundation Inc. values transparency and accountability in grantee organizations/Institutions. 

Contact Information 
For inquiries related to the Community Organization Grant program or the application process, please contact us at
  • What do I need to apply for the scholarship?
    Here are the requirements needed in order to apply for the scholarship: • Must be a resident of PA, DC Metropolitan Area or GA • Must be entering or enrolled in an accredited college or university Letter of acceptance to an accredited degree program with a major in the area of Human Services (Psychology, Counseling, Social Work, Sociology, Nursing, Home Health, Public Health, Public Administration). • Minimum 2.50 grade point average Copy of Final High School or Last Semester College Transcript Two (2) letters of recommendation • Recent photo (for promotional purposes) • 500-1000 Word Essay: My Impact on Humanity
  • What will happen if I receive the scholarship?
    Student will receive an award letter once approved by the Scholarship Committee. We wire all Legacy Scholarship awards directly to the student’s school. This may be challenging during times that school is not in session, such as Spring Break and Winter Break, but we’ll do our best to get the funds to your school in a timely manner.
  • Can anyone working for Preventive Measures apply for the scholarship?
    Both Employees and Contractors are eligible to apply. Employees/Contractors, typically have to pay for the course, certification, etc. in advance and then request reimbursement. Employees/Contractors in a Human Services degree program are eligible to apply for both scholarships.
  • What are the scholarship application dates and deadlines?
    2023 PM Legacy Scholarship applications are closed effective June 1. Employee Scholarship remains open through August 31st. For any other questions please ask Robin McCrear through email:
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