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A Recap of "Reclaim Your Wellness" with Dr. Kristen Matthews

A Recap of "Reclaim Your Wellness" with Dr. Kristen Matthews

On January 22, Dr. Kristen Matthews, Clinical Director, Preventive Measures graced the "Reclaim Your Wellness with Dr, Bridget MD" segment of "The Culture with Farajii Muhammad," podcast.   The 40-minute segment aired on Roland Martin's Black Star Network, joined Dr. Matthews and Dr. Bridget Cole Williams as they delved into the crucial topic of Black mental health, offering key empowering and enlightening insights and catalysts for change in Black mental health wellness.  The conversation highlights the network's commitment to elevating the voices of Black influencers and disseminating critical discussions on mental health to a global audience.


This segment goes beyond just a conversation; it invites us to engage, share the lessons, and continue the journey of reclaiming wellness, one conversation at a time.  Some key insights discussed included: 

Unique Mental Health Challenges in the Black Community: Dr. Matthews illuminated the specific mental health struggles prevalent in the Black community, highlighting systemic disparities and cultural nuances. This conversation gains relevance in light of statistics stating that African Americans are 20% more likely to experience serious mental health problems than the general population*. 

Breaking Down Stigmas and Cultural Barriers: The segment courageously addressed the need to challenge stigmas and cultural biases in mental health. The dialogue emphasized the importance of open conversations to foster understanding and acceptance. 

The Need for More Black Mental Health Professionals: A critical point discussed was the shortage of Black professionals in the mental health field. Enhancing representation in this sector is essential for providing culturally sensitive care to the Black community. 

Fostering Safe Healing Environments: Dr. Matthews highlighted the significance of creating 'Safe Spaces' for individuals to explore and heal from their mental health challenges without fear of judgment. 

Empowering the Next Generation of Black Mental Health Leaders: The discussion concluded with a focus on nurturing future Black mental health professionals, exploring strategies like mentorship and advocacy. 

Listen to the podcast and share your thoughts using hashtags #ReclaimWellness, #BlackMentalHealth, and #PreventiveMeasures. Your voice matters in shaping the future of mental health in the Black community.   




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