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Love Letters to Allentown: A Heartfelt Initiative Uniting Community and Culture

In an inspiring move to celebrate and uplift the spirit of Allentown, Preventive Measures is delighted to join the "Love Letters to Allentown" initiative. This significant project is a part of the broader "Love Letters to the World" series, spearheaded by Brian Rashid and proudly sponsored by Dr. Batts of Promise Neighborhoods of Lehigh Valley. 

"Love Letters to Allentown" aims to showcase the vibrant culture, resilient community, and rich history of Allentown through a series of captivating and heartfelt messages. Each letter, a testament to the city's spirit, captures the unique stories and experiences of its residents, creating a mosaic of narratives that resonate with every viewer. 

As a pivotal figure in this project, Dwayne Jones, CEO, Preventive Measures shares his unique perspective and deep connection to the community. His contribution is set to offer an intimate glimpse into the essence of Allentown through his eyes.  He reflects with pride, “Allentown is home; a place where each street and corner tells a story. I've experienced deep vulnerability and the heights of joy here. Allentown, to me, is the canvas of some of my life's most meaningful moments.” 

The initiative is gaining momentum with the release of an engaging trailer, that serves as a compelling preview of the project, inviting viewers to delve deeper into the stories of Allentown.  Additionally, the project's landing page,, offers further insights and information, inviting visitors to explore the initiative in greater detail.  For more information and to experience the heartfelt journey of "Love Letters to Allentown," follow the project on social media @lovelettersallentown.  



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