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The Preventive Measures Foundation (The PM Foundation) reached an all-time high in fundraising to support the mental health and wellness community with the successful "A MILLION STEPS TO MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS” WALK. Hosted at five key locations in Washington, DC, PA, and GA along with participants in various locations, the event was a testament to the celebration of support and solidarity.

The PM Foundation is devoted to improving mental health and promoting overall wellness at the individual and community level. The foundation supports organizations providing comprehensive services to address these needs. The annual "A MILLION STEPS TO MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS” WALK commits to supporting up to 10 non-profit organizations actively involved in grassroots efforts to provide care and contribute to their communities' health and wellness. This year's event raised $45,000 to be shared among these organizations, underscoring the foundation's commitment to making a positive impact in the mental health sector.

“We will continue to build alliances to help eliminate barriers and reduce stigmas where mental health is prioritized, accessible to all, and individuals feel comfortable seeking the help they need to improve their well-being,” said Dwayne Jones, CEO of Preventive Measures and Chairman of The PM Foundation. The beneficiaries of this year's fundraising efforts include nine groundbreaking community focused organizations. The PM Foundation will donate $5,000 to each of the nine organizations across three states to support their impactful work in the community. The beneficiaries of this year's fundraising efforts include nine groundbreaking community-focused organizations.

The nine award winning organizations include the following:

Anthony’s Home: Empowering young mothers through a step-by-step life program, fostering stability, social balance, and independence for themselves and their children.

BattleBorne: Assisting veterans with mental health services and job placement for successful civilian transitions.

Edgewood/Brookland: Enhances life quality in Washington, DC neighborhoods through family strengthening, workforce development, housing stabilization, and school-based programs.

Empowerment Enterprise (EE2): Empowering individuals through skill-building and job training.

Joseph’s House: Supporting homeless individuals with HIV through housing and healthcare programs.

Krimson Cornerstone Foundation: Encouraging education ensuring collegiate awareness among youth and the social and economic welfare of senior citizens.

NAARC (National Association Advancement of Returning Citizens): Empowers returning citizens for self-sufficiency.

Women’s Resources of Monroe County: Advocates for and supports women facing gender-based issues.

Visions of the Minds: Mentoring program empowering youth ages 5-18 through educational and social advancement, fostering self-worth, community love, and life

The PM Foundation's donation of $5,000 to each of these organizations will undoubtedly support their impactful work and make a meaningful difference in the lives of those they serve across three states.

Sponsored by Preventive Measures, Inc., UnitedHealthcare Dual Choice Program,, FACES International, Promise Neighborhoods of the Lehigh Valley, and CeCe J’s Snacks, the A MILLION STEPS TO MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS WALK encouraged active engagement from individuals and organizations to make a difference in mental health advocacy. Participants created fundraiser pages and shared them with their networks, allowing friends, family, and the community to support the cause close to their hearts. Every dollar raised contributed to the $45,000 ensuring tangible assistance to these vital non-profit organizations.

Participating donors of the PM Foundation expressed their fondness for the fundraiser. Lisa Krempa, TPMF Board Member and Senior Director of Student Support Services at Uncommon Schools in Rochester, NY states, “The Millon Steps Walk aligns with our values at Uncommon Schools as it not only raises funds for a worthy cause but also promotes community engagement and education. Our satellite schools have been passionately involved in this fundraiser, and we are proud to be advocates of the PM Foundation's mission. Together, as a united community, we are taking steps towards transforming lives and empowering the next generation to reach their full potential. We are honored to play our part in this incredible initiative and remain committed to making a lasting impact through education and support."

"Through the combined efforts of fundraising and contributions from Preventive Measures, Inc, we are thrilled to provide much-needed support to our community partners," stated Dwayne Jones. "Together, we will continue our journey towards a mentally healthy and compassionate society." To learn more about the next A MILLION STEPS TO MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS WALK and how your organization can be a part of it, e-mail or visit


The Preventive Measures Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization formed in September 2022 as the philanthropic extension of Preventive Measures, a trusted provider of mental health and supportive services for more than 13 years. Commonly known as The PM Foundation, it serves as a platform to improve the mental health of individuals and communities through services, education, and support. By supporting non-profit organizations dedicated to mental health care, the PM Foundation plays a vital role in addressing mental health challenges, promoting awareness, and ensuring that individuals have access to resources they need to live fulfilling lives.


Founded in 2008, Preventive Measures is an out-patient mental & home health provider focused on improving the quality of life for thousands of individuals through Mental Health Wellness Centers in Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, and Georgia, and a Home Health Care division in Pennsylvania. With its multidimensional structure, Preventive Measures, Inc leads with a proactive approach to mental health with PM NOW, a comprehensive mobile application providing tools and access to promote wellness, Senoj Technology, bridging the gap between healthcare and technology solutions and the PM Foundation dedicated to philanthropic efforts, community fundraising and collaborative alliances. For more information visit



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